duminică, 22 februarie 2009

Tot pantofiori

Nu stiu ce-a fost cu mine in ultima vreme dar nu ma gandesc decat la incaltaminte. Am gasit un alt site, de data asta din State, care face reduceri la incaltaminte. Nu sunt ele foarte ieftine, dar nu ne opreste nimik sa le admiram:

Astept feed-back-urile :)

Fotografiile folosite nu ne apartin si nu sunt folosite in scopuri comerciale decat daca acest lucru este specificat. Daca sunteti companie si nu doriti ca pozele dumneavoastra sa apara aici, va rog sa ma contactati si le voi scoate imediat.

4 comentarii:

  1. i like the last ones. the black ankle booties again. the first ones would look great in an editorial photo but i think for the street it would be too much. they would scream fashion victim a lot more than the gray booties.

  2. we haven't heard from u for a while now... plss come back!

  3. i will!
    i had a to work a lot with my new job
    i din't have any time to blog or to catch the latest fasion news
    it's good to see that i miss to somebody :)
    hope to post somenthing new tomorrow

  4. yey. see u soon!!!!!!! maybe post about your new job and what outfit u wore on the first day. i always want to know that